"It’s a home for outstanding specialists where they can work in the team of like-minded professionals, be creative and proactive."

About us

We are enthusiasts who turn great ideas into reality.

Our goal

Make the best products for our customers and bring them positive user experience.

Our vision

We are not afraid to take risks and make innovative solutions.

We love challenges. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking. We learn every day. 


We are proud that we've already gained the trust of millions of users.


We are result oriented

We define clear priorities and track performance.

We keep our promises

We appreciate trust, openness, and commitment.

We respect each other

We respect the personality of each team member. 

We work together

We believe that teamwork creates more synergy than working alone. That’s why we do our best to build a strong and successful team relationship. 



Our greatest asset is our employees. We use their strength and let them develop. The welcome standards we’ve set for new members of our team, the SMART-goals and KPIs all contribute to the understanding of what is expected. The business processes help us perform our tasks quickly and precisely.

Kyiv, Ukraine